When was new frontier brewing created?

New Frontier Brewing Company launched it’s first alcohol-free cannabis beer 4/20/17.

How is this beer different than an edible?

The THC in our beverage is absorbed before being broken down into 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is what happens when conventional edibles or beverages are consumed.

how is your beer fast acting?

The onset (speed) of the effect us faster than alcohol and the feeling of the effect is most similar to smoking or vaping cannabis. The beer uses a proprietary patent-pending water-based technology that causes the THC to be absorbed very efficiently and quickly.

How quickly will i feel the effects?

Effects of the beer can be felt in as little as 30 seconds or can take a few minutes, depending on how the beer is drank and the individuals metabolism. The longer the beer is held in the mouth, the faster the effect can be felt. If the beer is drank quickly or after a large meal, the effects can be delayed up to several minutes.

where can i find nfb products?

Our products are available in licensed California retailers. Find a location here.

How can I carry your products?

Our products are only available to licensed California retailers. Open an account with our distributor Sol Distro.

are you products lab tested?

Every batch of New Frontier beer is lab tested to California state standards. Visit our lab tests here.

how can i contact new frontier brewing company?

For general inquiries please contact Info@Newfrontierbrewing.com . For media inquiries please contact Media@Newfrontierbrewing.com