Our Brew

We are the world’s first cannabis brewery, using patent pending nanotechnology to not only craft our beers, but to craft your experience.

Our methods allow cannabis to become more bioavailable, making your high different than any traditional cannabis product. Each and every milligram of THC and CBD is transported quickly and efficiently, so the effects are felt much faster, clearer, and cleaner than you ever thought possible.

What sets us apart from a traditional brewery?

First, we have a different way of looking at the world. We seek our own truth and forge our own unique path.

Our brewing process is no different than any other craft brewery. At least it begins that way. Our brewmaster has spent years at the top breweries all across California learning the highest art and science that goes into brewing world-class, award winning beer.

The most important difference is our brew contains no alcohol. We take great care while removing the alcohol from our beers so as to retain the complex flavors and aromas you expect from your favorite craft beer.

Equally important is what we use to replace the alcohol. We source the highest quality, pesticide free, California grown cannabis. Our advanced technology allows us to put the true essence of this plant into every keg, can, and glass. You . have never experienced cannabis like this before.